Yes, breakfast is very important – the internet told me

I had to share this wonderful article I came across just now about eating breakfast.  From Fast Company (one of my favourite work blogs) they say:

Did you skip breakfast today? If you did, you are probably already thinking about lunch. You’re probably pretty hungry. And so you’re going to eat a lot. In fact, you’re going to eat 4.9% more food at lunch. The longer you wait, the more you’re going to eat. Do that every day and it starts to add up:

And what will that food be? Probably something not so good for you. Eatery found that, regardless of whether or not you eat breakfast, you eat worse and worse throughout the day. Lunch is worse than breakfast, and dinner is worse than lunch (and don’t even ask about snacking). But breakfast is a good way to mitigate that. Eat a good breakfast and you start making better food decisions for the entire day–even late into the night.

Click here to see the most AMAZING infogram from the post.

2 down

Lost 2 kilos.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  And I walked back to the office from a work lunch today.  It took me 40 minutres.  That’s 4 WW points.  EVEN MORE of what I’m talking about.

Thanks for Wade from Flickr for the photo.

Weight Watchers (again)

To say this has been a disastrous and stressful couple of months in my life would be putting it mildly. I am sure the absence from here has given a clear indication of that.

This long Easter weekend made me ponder about my life, what’s working, what isn’t and the fact that I’ve gained back half of the weight I took off with Dr. Rensburg. And the three I took off at my last 5-week stint with him.

Clearly the Rensburg way is not working for me like it did last time.  This is due to a number of factors, but the main one being it’s just too strict and I cannot deal with such austerity when I have client lunches and dinners at least twice a week.  Now I know that sounds like a poor excuse, but I just can’t do it at the moment.

So this weekend I turned to the other program that’s worked for me in the past.  Weight Watchers online. When I lived in New York I used the first iteration of the online version (2001) to lose around 9kgs. On this program I was also able to manage the client lunches and dinners. The big thing for me will be giving up having a drink in the evening with the boy.  It also (falsely from the research I’ve done) helps me sleep.

So with credit card poised (only $89.85 for three months) I joined.  I spend yesterday familiarizing myself with the way it works – it’s quiet different, as it should be, from when I used it over 9 years ago.

Once again I am embarking on a weight loss program. I feel confident, but I know it will be hard in the first few weeks.  I just have to get through that and I will be OK.  I can plan my week around the points and my client lunches and dinners. No it doesn’t mean that I can order anything I like when I’m out, but I have more options now.  Lean meats and vegetables are always on the menu.  I can even have a glass of wine now and then.

Last night I made Shepard’s Pie Potatoes. Only 6 points and it was delicious (check out the shot above). I love cooking so I’m looking forward to finding and creating some scrumptious low point recipes. Here is a link to the PDF of the recipe above, if you’re so inclined.

Hope you all had a fantastic, chocolate filled Easter.


In memory of Ivy

When bad things happen, I have noticed that the first thing that goes out the window is my health.  I have been terrible – totally off the plan but the past couple of weeks have been a blur.  Colin’s mother has been sick with emphysema for many years now.  Living in Albany (about a 5 hour drive from Perth) we regularly went to see her.  She accepted me as one of her own and I loved our time together.

A couple of weekends back we went down to see her but she developed a lung infection and we spent the whole day with her in hospital.  After 8 hours they managed to clear her and send her back to the nursing home.  We said our goodbyes.

The next week we got a call from Colin’s sister who mentioned that Ivy had a fall during the night and broken her hip.  She was in the hospital and it was best we come down to see her.

We packed up the car immediately and headed down.  It was the longest drive I think I have ever taken.  Each minute seemed like an hour.  The reports we were getting from the hospital were not good.  Because of Ivy’s chronic emphysema there was no way she could be operated on.  The options were not good.  Six weeks of traction or we make her as comfortable as possible – they didn’t think she had long to live.

We all knew this time would eventually have come, but it was still a shock.  We kept a round-the-clock vigil with everyone taking turns to stay with her.  We had some incredibly precious moments during this time.  She dosed in and out of consciousness.  On the third day it looked like she would be OK so we made the decision to return to Perth.  Colin was going down to Albany early Saturday morning to see his mum and spend a little more time with her.

In the early hours of Saturday morning we received a call from Colin’s sister letting us know that Ivy had passed away in her sleep.

So now we’re preparing for her funeral.  We will drive down to Albany late Thursday night and stay all weekend.  Then I’m off to Sydney for the week.

I have no idea where my head’s at, but I’m still here and I’m stilly trying.  I guess that counts for something?

Day Two

Well I can safely say that I made it to Day two.  Now I realise that doesn’t sound impressive at all, but trust me… it is.  If I have made it to here the rest is going to get easier and here’s how I figured this out:

  1. I had to come clean about the fat that I actually put some (1/2 – holds breath) back on
  2. I had to tell people around me that I am back on the program.  I felt somewhat like a failure (although I didn’t as well – doesn’t make sense I know)
  3. I had to book the appointment. Ringing up and making that damn appointment was hard – an admission that I didn’t do it. (of course they were just lovely and supportive and all that stuff was going on in my head)
  4. The thought that I am going to have to ‘be without for so long’ – now that’s just a thought (POD in his terms) and I will not be without but that one statement running around me head had me head to the fridge on many an occasion.

And now I find myself in the meat of Day two and it’s not so bad.  I have my meal plan broken down and I am tracking it daily (you don’t have to do this but I find it keeps me on track).

I woke up this morning feeling lighter.  Not on the scale but in my head.  And like I said before, that’s the hard part.

Image via hannah-aviva

6th February, 2012

Let it be known that today – the 6th February, 2012 – I am taking back responsibility for my health.  Today at 1.30pm I am back at Dr. Rensburg to finally succeed in doing what I didn’t quite do last time; to finally take this weight off once and for all.

Yesterday I gave myself a free pass in the kitchen.  I could have whatever I wanted, when I wanted it.  It was horrible.  I ate but I didn’t enjoy it one bit. I threw it all away this morning – and then I realised that I am ready.

I know in my head I am so so ready. I have been reading all my old notes and I came across this interesting sheet where he got you to write down ’12 reasons why you want to reach your goal weight’.  I had only managed two.  They were:

  1. Getting out of bed in the morning and feeling energised.
  2. Being able to fit back into my beautiful clothes again.

Well now I think it’s time I actually add a few more to that list.  Let’s start with:

  1.  Being able to walk with my shoulders back and not feel ashamed of my body – (although I do have a newly found respect for it during this process).
  2. Feeling ‘lighter’ in spirit. I have noticed that my heart feels very heavy – almost depressed. I am unable to concentrate as much as I use to. I really need to be able to do with the work I do.
  3. Find the joy in the little things. 2011 was a rough one – but we’re on the way up. I want to be appreciative for the support I received over this very rocky period.
  4. This year I turn 46.  I want to hit the 11th July at my goal weight of 63kgs by then.  I know there will be ups and downs but I am prepared mentally and I know that’s the most important thing to get right.

I will check back in over the coming days – maybe even show you shots of the food (or lack there of) that I prepare.

I really am wishing me luck.