I have posted a couple pictures of me before but I think it’s worth documenting my progress here.

This is me in 2001.  I am not sure how much I weighed but I was coming in at around 65kgs.  I did, at one stage, get down to 60kgs, but I like what I see here – this is a good weight for me.

I am on the right.  I look at this shot of me now and think how great I looked – back then I thought I was huge!  I was a size 12-14 given my chest size!  Circa 2002.

Fast forward to 2010…

Here I am at my heaviest – I cannot believe how chubby my face looks!  I’m on the right.  I hate weighing myself but I think I am coming in at about 95kgs or there about.

3 thoughts on “Me”

  1. Hi Carolyn! So pleased you commented on my blog and allowed me to find yours 🙂 I really like your blog – your posts are very honest and realistic. All the best with your clean eating diet, I will be sure to pop back and read your updates. Betty x

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