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As you can see from my journey below, it’s a challenge all the time. I didn’t want to keep rewriting history, but I have crossed out the bits that I didn’t succeed in. I have changed my mind a little about success as well and I will document this as I head into the New Year of 2016.


I am 44.5 years 48.5 49.5 years of age and trying to lose 30kgs (66lbs) 20kgs (44lbs) or there abouts.

I have always been a little above average weight all my life, but my BMI remained in check and I didn’t sweat about it too much.  Over the past 5 years 8 years  10 years (since moving back home to Australia after being away for nearly 20 years), I managed to put on nearly 30kgs.

I have been struggling to lose this weight , but in October 2010 enough was enough.

I started my new eating plan with Dr. Rensburg on 21st October, 2010.  I don’t know how much I weight (I now know I was 98.3kgs – 215lbs), but I am the heaviest I have ever been.

I attempted the plan again in 2013 and lost about 15kgs. I can make all kinds of excuses about my health, the menopause hitting me like a brick – the whole gamut.

But No More.

On Monday 6th October I am returning to Dr. Rensburg to, once again, try and get my weight (and head) in the right way. It’s the third time.


I am now keeping this daily journal to remind myself that I am OK as I am, and if you are happy with the inside, the rest will fall into place (not by magic but just about respecting yourself and what you put in your body).

Love, Carolyn

10 thoughts on “about me”

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Was looking for information on the Rensburg Clinic and what kind of program it is exactly and found your blog. Looks like you’re off to a good start–keep up the good work! I’ll check in frequently to see how you’re progressing!


  2. Thanks K. Great to know you’re reading. Hope it works out for you with Dr. Rensburg. Please email me if you have any specific questions.

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m curious too – what’s the programme you’re on? That tomatos on ryvita for breakfast seems a bit stringent!

    Will pop in and follow your progress. Wishing us both loads of luck and support!


  4. Hey Ang,

    Yes the diet is really stringent, but it’s all done under medical supervision. I don’t only have to have Ryvita and tomato for breakfast though (I wouldn’t be able to keep it up if that was the case).

    For example this morning I had 6 egg whites, a mango and 3 rice cakes and I am full, full, full – I did load up a little as I am fasting today.

    If you want to know more about Dr Rensburg you can go to his website here: http://www.medicalweightlossrx.com/view/home/

    Good luck again and I will be keeping track of you too!

  5. Hello Again Carolyn!
    I am just having a browse and I love your site – I can so completely identify with your story – I also spent some of my childhood in Australia! Sydney and Melbourne 🙂

    Will be keeping up with your progress!

    🙂 xxx

  6. Good evening, Carolyn

    It’s always great to run into other people who face some of the same struggles that you yourself may be facing. It reminds each of us that we are not alone and that there are others that can lend an ear, suggestions, tips and tricks to get through things that we ourselves are facing. I was pretty skinny most of my life, gained some weight after I had my son then lost a bunch very rapidly (about 50 lbs. over a few months-turns out I was running into serious health problems). Over the past few years I have since been trying to get healthy again. My problem now is that I am at my heaviest weight ever and ironically the healthiest I have ever been (My heart is doing better, all my levels are awesome, my sugar and cholesterol are spot on). However, being overweight is not the way I want to live my life….and it is one battle that is incredibly hard to tackle and can so easily become frustrating when you don’t see immediate results. But like you, I’m not giving up! It may take me a while to get to where I want to be, but eventually I will get there.

    It was great coming across your blog and I certainly look forward to following it!!

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