Staying on track (kind of)

This week has been moving along slowly.  I’ve had a couple of falls off the wagon, but promptly picked myself back up and got on the diet train.  I’m trying so hard not to throw it in and realise that this is a life decision, not a sometimes when I feel like it decision.  That’s a hard thing to do.  It’s not that I’m eating sausage rolls and chips.  I’m all out healthy as you can see from my lunch today – just a little too much of healthy.

Work has been busy and I like it that way.  I am officially hopeless without deadlines looming.  I’ve always been this way and have learnt to accept that I’m like a rudderless boat without clients wanting their work NOW.

I am enjoying my poached egg blog a lot and seem to be getting some great feedback.  I also like how it falls into my eating plan (apart from the toast but I forego my rice cakes that day so it all equals out).  It’s a nice treat for the start of the day.  What I’m amazed about is that most people have an opinion on how they like their poached eggs cooked and what constitutes good vs. bad.  Here’s a link to my rating system and would love to know what you think.

So anyhow that’s been my week.  I thought I would leave you with some goodness I’ve found around the interwebs to enjoy.

These shoes
These chairs
This wreath
This dress
This food photography
This sandwich
This online shop

The boys and I are off to Albany as it’s a long weekend.  A lot of beach walking and swimming for me.


Author: Carolyn Anna

I have a deathly fear of bees : I have a natural ballet 'turn-out' position : Most people think I walk like a duck : I use to hate my freckles when I was young, but now love them : I hate people calling me 'dude' : I have never been bitten by a spider or a snake or a horse or a dog : I never say 'cheers' at the end of a conversation or email : I always have to put on lip balm and get a glass of water before i go to bed :

3 thoughts on “Staying on track (kind of)”

  1. Great post-my thoughts exactly.There’s an indonesian dish that I have been obsessing about and have had it three nights in a row.I pretended it didn’t have 15 million peanuts in it until I wasn’t losing anything in the last 4 days. Back on track today-and cutting back on the healthy portions too.I need to override my thoughts on that one!

  2. Hi there – thanks for your comment. Hope you had a great weekend too and not too much of the healthy thing 🙂

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