Salad Niçoise

Lunch today consisted of the most wonderfully filling Salad Niçoise (with Salmon) at The Brisbane Hotel.  It was just delicious.  I’m not allowed Salmon on this diet but I figured that this is healthier than red meat and I only ate around 100grams so I am in the clear.  The boiled eggs were left and I just ate the salad.

Yes, it had a few potatoes lurking in the bottom, but I will go easy with fruit tonight (oh lovely mango in my fridge, I’m coming to get you).

I weighed in yesterday with absolute fear.  I was convinced I had put on weight.  Much to my surprise and delight I had lost over 1kg.  I can live and work with that for sure.

Work is beginning to get very stressful and I’m an eater when stressed…

One thought on “Salad Niçoise

  1. OH WOW!!!! You really are back proper 😉 that’s fantastic news – that has made my day 😀 welcome back – I’ve been so wrapped up with everything going on I didn’t realise you were back and WORKING IT!!!! Fantastic – I’m so thrilled for you – it is so worth it and you’re going to succeed and get to your goal very very SOON! 🙂 Welcome back Carolyn! xxx

    Love from the sometimes sunny, mostly grey… UK lol xxx

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