Yes, I’m still here

Contrary to popular opinion I’m happy to tell you I’m still on track.  I really wanted to take some time out, relax with Mr Man and the dogs and spend some time away from the Internet (but not emails unfortunately).

I enjoyed reading all your posts about the ups and downs you faced over the holiday period.  So inspirational.

I finally had a drink on the 24th December.  That would make it 2 months and 3 days since my last drink.  The champagne tasted so good and I savoured every last drop.  But I realised something interesting – I become very, very moody when I drink.

Not drinking for a while heightened my level of intoxication and I didn’t like it at all.  So now, there is no drinking – not even a sip, before I reach my goal weight of 60kgs to 65kgs (around 140lbs).  I had my last weigh-in before Christmas and I’m pleased to tell you that I’m down about 17kgs (37.4lbs).  I can really feel the difference.

Mr. Man and I spent the holiday period went swimming and laying in the sun (with copious amounts of sunscreen of course).  We went for walks on the beach with our four legged boys and caught up on the all sleep we missed throughout the year.  Best of all, I didn’t feel like the fattest person in a room full of people at parties we went to!

Someone recently asked me how I managed to stay so strong over the past couple of months.  I didn’t think I had a ‘stay strong system’ as such, it was more a stick to the plan and don’t deviate, even for a bite of food.  Thinking about it, I realised I did have a system and it’s all around ‘is this equal to that’.

Let me demonstrate:  I am offered a glass of champagne and I really want it.  I mean REALLY want it.  I then do a few sums in my head that goes something like this:

If the feeling of walking from the sand down to the water in your bathers and not feeling huge and embarrassed about the how much you weigh is EQUAL to the enjoyment of the glass of champagne (that will last for about 5 minutes) then you can have it.  Go for it I say to myself.  I have not yet found any food or drink that is equal to what I was feeling over the holiday period.

I have my weigh-in on Thursday and I think I have dropped 1kg or so.  As long as I have remained steady I will be good to go.  And you know what?  Even if I haven’t, that will be OK too, because now know that I can do something about it.

Let me also take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration you have given me over 2010.

Author: Carolyn Anna

I have a deathly fear of bees : I have a natural ballet 'turn-out' position : Most people think I walk like a duck : I use to hate my freckles when I was young, but now love them : I hate people calling me 'dude' : I have never been bitten by a spider or a snake or a horse or a dog : I never say 'cheers' at the end of a conversation or email : I always have to put on lip balm and get a glass of water before i go to bed :

2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still here”

  1. Firstly – congratulations on being down almost 38lbs – that is so awesome! I can’t wait to be down by that figure – it’s so inspiring! I’m looking forward to hearing how you do on Thursday!

    That whole ‘5mins of pleasure’ thing – I can so relate to – it’s what I’ve realised – whilst I’ve been on and off diets for years and I’ve heard all the stock phrases ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ etc – it’s only been just recently that I’ve really taken it onboard and once you do take it onboard it certainly does make a difference!

    Now – the most important part of my comment… I LOVE YOUR DOGS! They are both so beautiful – I have four cats and I have heard that King Charles Cavaliers are wonderful dogs to have with cats because they have such a sweet temperament – so I’ve been thinking of getting one for such a long time! So lovely to see your one! They are so cute!


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