Food rules

I love Michael Pollan’s book “Food Rules”.  I have written about him on this blog before, and this book is just as great and only takes about 1 hour to read.  Whilst he has over 60 rules to follow, these ones really got me:

  1. Eat food.
  2. Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food.
  3. Avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in the pantry.
  4. Avoid food products that contain high-fructose corn syrup.
  5. Avoid foods that have some form of sugar (or sweetener) listed among the top three ingredients.
  6. Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third-grader cannot pronounce.
  7. Avoid food products that make health claims.
  8. Avoid food products with the wordoid “lite” or the terms “low-fat” or “nonfat” in their names.
  9. Avoid foods that are pretending to be something they are not.
  10. Avoid foods that you see advertised on television.

Something to live by for sure.

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Carolyn Anna

I have a deathly fear of bees I have a natural ballet 'turn-out' position. Most people think I walk like a duck I use to hate my freckles when I was young, but now love them I hate people calling me 'dude' I have never been bitten by a spider or a snake or a horse or a dog I never say 'cheers' at the end of a conversation or email I always have to put on lip balm and get a glass of water before i go to bed

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