WW First Day (again…)

Well, yesterday, apart from feeling like crap all day was a good one.  I received some excellent support from the Weight Watchers forums about my taking Reductil.  I also received enough encouragement that I managed to eat under my points value by 3.  WOW.

Picture 3

I felt better when I woke up this morning.  I even made a huge chopped salad with 2 tbs of sunflower seeds for lunch.

As you can see, I have a thing for English muffins.  LOVE THEM!

Author: Carolyn Anna

I have a deathly fear of bees : I have a natural ballet 'turn-out' position : Most people think I walk like a duck : I use to hate my freckles when I was young, but now love them : I hate people calling me 'dude' : I have never been bitten by a spider or a snake or a horse or a dog : I never say 'cheers' at the end of a conversation or email : I always have to put on lip balm and get a glass of water before i go to bed :

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