Choices that matter


I have realised that I LOVE making healthy choices.  It forces you to get creative and I relish being creative.  Lunch today consisted of:

  • 100g turkey breast – cooked without oil or fat
  • Mountain Bread rice wrap
  • Whole Egg lite mayonnaise (1 tbs)
  • A bunch of assorted sprouts (about 2 full handfuls)
  • 1/4 small avocado

All that (including another rice wrap with more sprouts) for 6.5 points.  I am still full and it’s 4.30.  

I have gone without alcohol for 4 days now and I am really craving a drink, but the funny thing is I cannot decide on the poison.  I don’t want wine (too bloating) and I don’t think I want a martini.  Is something going on with me that I’m beginning to change for the better.  Maybe around food, but not around exercise.

More on that to come later…..

One thought on “Choices that matter

  1. I swear, this looks so so good. Nothing, and I mean nothing that I make ever looks that good 🙂 Great job

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